You can attract reliable market makers to create a strong liquidity pool on your exchange via powerful REST and WebSocket API. The FIFO algorithm fills orders only on the basis of price and time. In this, every order at the same price level is filled according to time priority. Working closely with the client, the Devexperts team managed to deliver a scalable and flexible solution within a few months.

crypto exchange matching engine

Under the TWAP algorithm, orders are matched at the average price of all orders over a period of time. The advantage of this algorithm is that it prevents market manipulation by large players. The disadvantage is that calculating the average price can be slow and expensive. The most common algorithm is called the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) algorithm. Under the FIFO algorithm, the first buy order that is matched with a sell order is filled first.

How to build a trading engine

It can handle 10,000 orders per second without any issues and has minimum downtime for servicing. This makes it the perfect choice for businesses that require a high volume of requests to be processed quickly and accurately. In addition, you can choose which capabilities you need by choosing from one of the three distinct bundles offered.

crypto exchange matching engine

The order matching engineis the heart of any exchange and is responsible for matching buy and sell orders. Matching engine is the dominant part of any exchange which matches buy and sell orders based on the logic of an exchange leads to a completion of a single transaction. It directly impacts the performance of the exchange by meeting perfect latency and throughput.

Different order types

B2Broker’s solution provides the best possible execution for all market players because of its outstanding performance and functionality. In order to accomplish this purpose, the matching engine is a complex piece of software that synchronizes and combines data from several trading pairs at the same time. Computer scientists should be the only ones in charge of creating a robust matching engine capable of processing orders in microseconds. Each type of matching engine has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Centralized engines are faster and more efficient, but they are also more vulnerable to attacks. Decentralized engines are less vulnerable to attacks, but they may be slower and less efficient.

If there are multiple buy orders and multiple sell orders at the same price, the orders are filled in the order they were received. For an exchange to be successful, its order matching engine (OME) needs to be able to quickly and accurately match buy and sell orders. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what an OME is and how it works. We’ll also explore some challenges that exchanges face when building their OMEs.

Commission Types

Its primary function is to match up the offers and bids for the completion of trading activity. Matching engines make use of one or more algorithms for allocation of trades among competing offers and bids of the same value. Japan-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange company bitbank, announced today a marked improvement of the performance of its new trading matching engine.

crypto exchange matching engine

The platform allows for a streamlined borrowing process against one’s crypto assets. Powering your exchange with Modulus lets you quickly develop profitable revenue streams, access unlimited liquidity and trade multiple currencies all from just one single exchange solution – and all on your terms. With Modulus, you are in complete control of your business, as you (and only you) will be in control of your user data, trades, and profits. crypto exchange matching engine Modulus does not require ongoing royalties, commissions, or backend deals with liquidity providers or other service providers (unlike all other solution providers). On one hand the cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has been rolling out several developments almost every day. On the other hand, the price of the exchange’s native coin, the Binance Coin [BNB] has been witnessing a prolonged sideways movement since the past one month.

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All project goals, including desired performance, reliability, and security characteristics, were met successfully. It brings me great joy to witness how seamlessly our DXmatch ‘just works’ for users on the other side of the world, without needing our control, maintenance, and support”. The purpose of trailing stop is to limit the losses and to lock the profits as the trades become favourable. It’s another kind of Stop order which trails the price and never comes back once it is moved.

crypto exchange matching engine

In the order book – apart from creating the support to hold the list of buy/sell orders – we also need to define how orders are added to these arrays. We need an Order type, an OrderBook and a Trade type for starters. For a buy order, this means that if I place a buy order at the price of $100, it will get filled at any price bellow or equal to $100.

How Will Binance’s New Matching Engine Programming Language Impact The Crypto-Verse?

The system prohibits matching buy and sell orders from the same market participant, ensuring appropriate order placement. Deploy the system to commodity bare metal servers for the best and most stable processing latency – or into a cloud for flexibility. DXmatch is the most flexible and modern system you can choose for your exchange. Unlike other solutions, it ensures growth without costly additional development.

  • Decentralized engines are less vulnerable to attacks, but they may be slower and less efficient.
  • Compare the differences between a matching engine for spot vs margin
    brokerage platforms.
  • In addition, the RAFT protocol ensures automatic failover for the leader-matching engine.
  • The existence of a matching engine lets traders buy or sell digital assets at the most feasible prices based on the bid value and ask price.
  • If you need resilience and security, a decentralized engine may be the better option.
  • All Modulus clients should heed the regulatory environment of their organization.

Our solution was designed to disrupt the industry and to provide our clients with a competitive advantage. Many exchanges can’t handle more than one or two million transactions per second. Our exchange easily outperforms them all, by leveraging our two decades of experience and source code frameworks.


The technology of the matching engine of PayBito happens to be one of the fastest and most advanced software that comes with the scalable and robust technology of matching engines. Moreover, it happens to be extremely compatible with crypto activities, including the marketplace of retail forex. Therefore, the operators, and global exchange providers, both can connect and collaborate with PayBito’s matching engine by utilizing the proprietary developed platform for match-trader. Another type of matching engine is the decentralized matching engine.