The Goiler indicator that I want to tell you about today can be an effective tool for profitable forex trading. His algorithm is based on Gann analysis. The advantage of this indicator is not only the high accuracy of signals for opening trade orders, but also in the additional recommendations for the placement of Take Profit and Stop Loss. It gives signals once a day in the form of corresponding levels, which can be used for trading on any timeframes. There are no restrictions on currency pairs either. So, in fact, it is a universal tool of technical analysis. It is installed in MT4 according to the usual scheme.

What do indicator levels mean

The Goiler indicator on the price chart looks like this:

goiler indicator - exact signals to enter the market

We see five levels,
that have different colors.Trade opening signal
Transactions are white. Green and blue lines are levels,
on which it is recommended to install take-profits. So the warrant closes
in parts. Yellow level can be
to use to open an additional deal. It’s done on correction,
if it happens.And finally, the red line
is the level at which the stop-loss. should be setIn the lower right corner
display the numerical values of all the listed levels.As you can see, the trading recommendations are presented in a very accessible form, and their use will not cause any difficulties for the trader.

How to use the Goiler indicator in trading

Signal formation
takes place once a day – at the beginning of each trading day. Indicator based on
of calculations first draws the level for market entry (white), and then displays
other lines. If the price movement coincided with
by the direction of an open trade, then we close 2/3 of its volume at the green level,
the rest of it at the blue level. If the market has entered
went against the deal, then when the price reaches the orange line, we open another one
a warrant in the same direction. Take-profit move to the white level.
Stop-loss size doesn’t change.I’ll conclude with a couple more
tips on how to use this indicator. To improve trading results
We need to choose an additional analysis tool that will serve
with a signal filter. It’s better not to trade on Monday and Friday.Before using the Goiler indicator in real money trading, make sure that it is effective in your demo account.indikator-goilerDownloadFyodorov’s Inga21.06.2019