Indicator, which will be discussed in today’s article, will help to determine the optimal points for opening trading positions. I recommend you pay attention to it.

The Genesis Matrix indicator forms its signals based on the analysis of four other indicators. The coincidence of their recommendations is the signal for the trader to enter the market. One of these indicators is found in the standard MT4 set – the CCI. Three other indicators (TVI, T3MA and Gann Hilo) will need to be downloaded and installed in the terminal together with Genesis Matrix. You’ll find them in the archive, which I’ll put out a link to at the end of the article. If this is not done, the Genesis Matrix indicator will not work.

TVI tracks the current direction of the trend and also indicates the overbought or oversold state of the market.

CCI determines the strength of the market and its possible reversal moments.

T3MA is a modification of moving averages.

Gann Hilo is optimized MA.

Trading on Genesis Matrix signals

Before making a trade decision, you need to determine the direction of the market movement on the upper timeframe. Let’s say we’re trading, on the M15. First, let’s look at the hourly chart and if we see an uptrend, we will be interested in buying signals only on the 15-minute chart. And accordingly, if the price of H1 moves down, we will look for opportunities to sell.
If all four indicators are colored blue, it means that you can buy.
If all four indicators are colored red, you can sell.It’s time to see how everything looks on the chart:

After all the lines consisting of squares have been colored blue, you can open a Buy position. The signal to fix the profit is the appearance of at least one red square in any of the lines. But you can also use other options for closing a trading position. For example, with the help of a take-profit. It can be placed near an important level or at a distance that is 2-3 times the size of the SL. And the stop-loss is set near the local extremum.

As we see, nothing is difficult in this indicator. Signals are easy to read. But for successful trading it is necessary to test its work in demo trading. You can try different timeframes and currency pairs. Use of a filter for its signals will not prevent. Only after the profitable statistics of deals on the demo account is received, it is allowed to use Genesis Matrix in real trading.Download Genesis Matrix indicator:genesis-matrixFyodorov’s Inga10.10.2018