Cluster Analysis is a statistical procedure in which the searched and retention of sample information about the trading parameters required by the trader is searched and retained. After the sampling process, the information is divided into groups. Cluster analysis involves statistical processing of information. In simpler terms, cluster analysis involves an automated classification process. Cluster in commercial activities can be deciphered as a combination of uniform particles (market elements), as a result of which they form a separate unit with a set of characteristics and functions. In trading activities at a certain date and at selected prices, it is possible to carry out commercial transactions when buying or selling a trading asset. As a result, clusters are created in this way (the cumulative value of a transaction for sale or purchase that arises at a certain price over a specified period of time.

Features of cluster analysis programs on market

Through cluster analysis, it is possible to analyse the market in depth for the appearance of optimal points for the execution of transactions for the sale or purchase of commercial assets. The trader evaluates the transactions, their characteristics and price levels. As a result of this analysis, the market participant can better understand the direction and behaviour of the assets for the trading of his or her choice. The cluster chart is an effective tool for this analysis. The principle of interaction with it is this: the price candle contains the necessary quantities of trade transactions for each price level. often also use a table that contains all transactions. You can structure the table into separate trading tools. This table shows the size of trading tools and is therefore convenient for analysis. For the transaction to be successful, it is necessary to maintain the price indicated by the counterparty. As a result, trading transactions to buy or sell trading assets appear at price levels on the cluster chart. And the market participant understands in more detail how the candle is created and whether the transaction will be successful.


free cluster analysis programs

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