FRACTAL AMA – easy to use indicator. In this regard, I can recommend it to novice traders. The indicator algorithm includes the indications of moving averages. In this case, the use of relevant coefficients makes it possible to increase the accuracy of signals for opening trade transactions. In order to start to get acquainted with this indicator, you need to download the file and place it in the appropriate folder in the trading platform directory. After that, open the window with Settings Fractal AMA . Parameters with which trader can work, only three. RPERIOD is a moving average period. In the indicator window, two mA lines are displayed. Therefore, the following variables relate to each of them: Multiplier – the coefficient that is used by the indicator to build 1st MA; Signal_Multiplier is a coefficient that is designed to build a 2nd moving average. The greater the value of the Multiplier parameter, the more smooth will be the 1st sliding average. Accordingly, on the contrary. As for the Signal_Multiplier variable, The distance between the two MA depends on its value.

Application of the Fractal AMA

indicator Conditions for opening trade orders are very simple. But for starters, let’s see how the indicator is displayed on the price schedule of the traded currency pair. The signal to the market is the intersection of lines. If the moving average, having red (signal) crossed the blue line in the direction from top to bottom, then you can open a trading transaction for sale. If the line Ma is red The colors crossed the blue line in the distance from the bottom up, then this is a signal for opening a purchase order. Stop Loss can not be set. The trade order is closed when the signal appears on the graph in the opposite direction. The Fractal AMA indicator was created as a finished trading strategy. But I still think that it is risky exclusively on its signals. In my opinion, this indicator can be used as one of the technical analysis tools used. in working TC You can choose additional indicators in the trading process on the demo account. Do not forget about risk reduction rules. The indicator file can be downloaded from this link: Fractal-AMA After installing it, you must restart the trading platform or select the “Indicators” tab on the “Navigator” tab and further use the “Update” menu item. Inga Fetorova 19.12.2021 Recording The Fractal AMA indicator is a modified version of the moving average for the first time appeared