Forex trading platform takes an important place in the process of development of the world economy and currency exchange in correlation (currency) pairs.To become a successful trader in the financial market can be not only certified economists and financiers, but also beginners. This requires the ability to analyze and use successful strategies correctly.So whatever the forecast for today, a competent strategy will make it work.

Forex – Martingale strategy wix

Martingale’s strategy arose due to the observation and addiction to the casino of one of the players with the same name.The original roulette had only black and red color. This made it possible to create a game system based on probability theory. Her principle was to double the stakes until she won.In other words, if a player bet on “black” and lost, then the next move he had to bet on the same field, but to increase it twice.The procedure was repeated until the player made a profit. Soon this move was figured out, and on the playing field there appeared “zero” and “green”.This has made it difficult for casino players, but the strategy has not ceased to exist, but has migrated to financial markets, including the status of “forex strategy 2019”.Forex – Martingale strategy wix: action algorithm:

  1. Select the currency pair using forex market forecast for today.
  2. Select a trend direction.
  3. Define entry point.
  4. Analyze the deposit state.
  5. Complete the calculation for the formation of the minimum amount of the lot.
  6. Open a trade.
  7. Include lines Take Profit, Stop Loss (benchmark – 10 pips in both directions).
  8. If the bet has lost – open a new one, increasing it. If you win, enter the market with a minimum lot value.

If you are a newcomer to the market, the forex strategy presented in the description will usually not be sufficiently informative, because each action raises a number of doubts and questions.In such cases, you can get the necessary experience with the help of video. Really good quality clips on this topic can be viewed at MaxiMarkets.Method of Martingale has become one of the most popular and took the leading position in the list of “Forex Strategy 2019”.Pleasant bonus of the strategy is that it can be used during the “working day”, rather than stretching the monitoring and preparatory work for a few days.Forex Analytics explained the popularity of the strategy as well as the ease of strategy and the ability of beginners and traders without experience to make a quick start.

Forex analysis

Forex analyst for today focuses on the issues of mutual correlation in the pairs, key for the economic market of currencies: dollar – euro.Position of EUR-USD in the period of August 12-18, 2019 was not the best. By the end of the week, the analysts named the general state on the verge of deep fainting.20 August the situation has slightly improved: now the quote is 1,1090. At the moment, the situation is perceived as follows: “Nothing bad has happened and it’s already good”.The Forex market forecast for today for other world currencies is more rosy. Correlation pair GBP/USD confidently fixed its position. Its key resistance was 1,2200. According to forecasts, this is not the final location – by the end of the week, the pound will increase.The condition of the dollar-franc pair last week also pleased traders.The Forex market forecast for today on the cross USD / CHF is focused on the upward trend of the position of the Swedish franc. So far, the key resistance of this position is equal to 0.9810.Forex of the analyst for today for the pair Australian dollar – New Zealand dollar assumes the growth to the level of 0.6905 in the nearest future. So far, this correlated pair is at 0.6792.The world community is now frozen in anticipation of an economic symposium in Jackson Hole, as this event can not only shed light on the situation regarding the major currency pairs, but also determine the fate of the U.S. dollar or euro.According to experts, even a small spark that now erupts may irreversibly shift the position of one of the whales in the market.