Trader will greatly simplify the task when downloading indicators for MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5 trading platforms. There are quite a lot of them and developers place them in free access. To use indicators means to improve your trading strategy. Of course, you will first have to experiment with different indicators to find the one that will help you earn money. Some traders write their own indicators and then earn much more with them.Most Forex indicators are freely available, which allows each trader to create his own, “unique”, and most importantly, comfortable to use option trading terminal MT4 or MT5, which facilitate trading in the foreign exchange market. Free download of Forex indicators here.Best Forex indicators for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 will help the trader to make his own trading strategy or just follow the emerging trading signals. Both will be the right thing to do. In order to apply the new indicators, a player needs to have an open trading account with any broker and MetaTrader.If this is the first time these EAs are installed, or if there are any difficulties, it is best to install them according to a clear instruction or watch a video tutorial.Some traders use trend indicators and are satisfied with the result, someone mixes several indicators and receives all the necessary signals for successful trading – in general, each has its own strategy. Below is a short list of the most downloadable Forex indicators for MT4 and MT5.Forex indicators for MT4 and MT5:Aroon Up & Down – the basis of this indicator is a fast finding of lows and highs. But it uses the periods that do not consider the standard indicators offered for working with MT4/MT5.BB MACD for MT4, MT5 is one of the variations of the MACD indicator. This is one of the non-standard indicators for working with MetaTrader. It is based on the standard deviation indicator and several moving averages. It is often used to determine the beginning and end of a trend. It can also help determine the strength of the trend – it all depends on the width of the gap between the two ribbons.Beginner is an indicator that shows possible trend extrema (maximum and minimum). A trader can use them as a support or resistance point to help determine the direction of the current trend. Beginner is a pretty simple indicator, it is a good basis for creating your own breakthrough Expert Advisor.BMA for MT4, MT5 is one of the versions of the Moving Average. This indicator has additional lines. In terms of functionality, it does not differ much from the standard indicator of moving average for MetaTrader. Two lines added. One is 2% below the main line and the other 2% above. They are strong rebound levels.CCI Arrows (CCI arrows) – the main task of this indicator is to give a trader visual signals, on the chart these are blue and red arrows. CCI Arrows helps to identify the intersection of the main CCI indicator and the zero mark, but it has a fairly high accuracy.Coppock is a variant of the classic Edward Coppock indicator. Its purpose is to determine the minimum and maximum of the chart.Detrended Price Oscillator – works with both MT4 and MT5. This is one of the versions of the classic price oscillator. It is a great way for a trader to detect a lot of short-term changes during a trend.Dots is a very popular indicator to work with the trend. It has a filter for price spikes, as well as many customizable incoming parameters.Fisher for MT4 and MT5 – allows the trader to find the levels of extreme points on a given period. Also, this indicator is able to apply mathematical calculations to the ratio of the current price to the levels found. In addition, he draws a trend histogram and marks the bullish trend with a green line and a bearish red line.Float is an indicator for working with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. It helps to scan several previous trends and tries to apply the obtained data to the rate that the trader is interested in now. The beginning and end of the trend indicator shows in a separate window, there are also Fibonacci levels.Keltner Channel – this indicator is designed to demonstrate the channel of moving averages, which are based on volatility and price. It’s a great tool to trade on breakouts.Laguerre is an indicator that opens in a separate terminal window. Has one line that signals the opening of short or long positions. This happens when the upper border is crossed from above or below, respectively.Market Profile for MT4, MT5 – is a classic indicator for maintaining a market profile. Created especially for traders who trade during the day trading sessions at Forex.Price Alert is an indicator that informs the trader about changes in the price. The notification is performed with the help of MetaTrader platform sound signals. It’s often used in manual trading. It will be more convenient for a trader to understand when the price reaches a certain level.QQQE – this indicator is used for quantitative and qualitative evaluation. QQE is based on data from two smoothed RSI indicators. Helps you find buy and sell signals.Schaff Trend Cycle for MT4, MT5 is an indicator that shows a double smoothed stochastic. Calculations are performed in specific cycles on the MACD line. The result is an improved version of the oscillator so that the trader can determine the correct direction of the trend. The developer of Schaff Trend Cycle is Doug Schaff.Spread – the name of the indicator speaks for itself: it helps to work with spreads. Spread can show the current spread for the required currency pair in the main open chart window. It is very useful when a trader works with floating spreads.Total Power Indicator is an indicator that helps a trader to analyze the bullish and bearish strength of the Forex market. This is done by measuring the proportions of bars that are bullish and bearish in the required period of time.Trade Assistant is one of the multi-timeframe indicators. He analyzes timeframes that last from 5 minutes to 1 day. Only standard indicators are used, such as CCI and RSI, as well as stochastic. The result of the analysis is displayed on the screen in the form of a table, which consists of simple sets of signals for buying/selling. This is a fairly simple indicator that traders often use in mid-term and short-term trading.Traders Dynamic Index for working with MT4 – this indicator is used to determine the trend direction, market volatility, trend strength. All data is displayed in a separate window. The indicator can be used both in the scalping strategy and in long-term trading.TzPivots is an indicator for working with daily beer levels. In addition, it quickly and informatively displays all the necessary data on the graph. In order to start the work, the trader needs to fill in two input parameters: LocalTimeZone (time zone for MT4/MT5 server) and DestTimeZone (time zone of the trading session for which the trader wants to calculate the beer levels).USDX – this indicator is used to calculate the dollar index. It will be displayed in the MetaTrader trading platform at the trader.Var Mov Avg – this indicator is based on calculations of moving averages from different periods. It is designed to detect crossovers, which are signals for a trader to sell/buy currency. In addition, Var Mov Avg shows the direction of the current trend. The notifications of this indicator can be controlled by the trader: to choose whether to leave them on or off.Moving Average for MT4, 3rd generation MT5 is a classic version of the moving average indicator. It reduces the time lag to the lowest level and has the ability to smooth the price.