This indicator for MT4 forms fairly accurate signals on the high-voltage market. It reveals price impulses and determines their strength. After that, the indicator issues recommendations for the opening of the BUY or SELL order. This tool can be used in trade on any timeframes. The indicator does not redraw its singhals, which is definitely its advantage. It will also come true traders who prefer the MT5 trading platform. In order to get acquainted with the indicator of MOMENTUM SIGNAL PROVIDER in practice, You need to download its file and place it in the appropriate directory folder of the trading terminal.

Condition for opening a transaction

On the MSP currency pair graph looks like this:

As you can see, the signals are most clearly understood. If the indicator, processing the incoming information, identifies a strong price pulse up, then the graph of the corresponding direction appears on the graph. In addition, you can see the word “buy” on the chart. If the analysis conducted by the indicator testifies The presence of a pulse down, then it will report this with the red arrow and the word “SELL”. Stop loss by placing, focusing on the nearest maximum or minimum, depending on the direction of the transaction. The size of the Take profit is twice the size of the stop loss. Although you can enter differently. The active warrant is closed when the signal appears on the chart in the opposite direction. In conclusion, I will tell a little about the settings of the Momentum Signal Provider.


indicator parameters Most Of these, they do not have much importance, as they concern the alerts about the signals and the color of the arrows. Important variables are the ATR Multiplier and Reactor. The first of them should be configured depending on the timeframe and the traded currency pair. The value of ATR Multiplier should be greater for large TF and less for small time periods. However, the practice has shown that the value in the range from 3 to 5 is suitable for any timeframe. The Reactor parameter allows you to adjust the degree of sensitivity of the indicator to pulses, which occur in the market. Its value can be in the range from 0 to 1. If you set small values ​​for this variable (0.1 or 0.2), the indicator will slowly respond to the price impulse. If you specify a value, for example, 0.8, then the reaction of the indicator will be very fast. Posses the optimal parameters is necessary on the demo account. The efficiency of the Momentum Signal Provider indicator is largely dependent on the quality of this work. Download its file You can download this link: MSP Inga Fedorova 26.12.2021 Forex recording The Momentum Signal Provider indicator first appeared