Pretty popular tool is the Forex calculator. It records the risks and profits that arise as a result of transactions. Using this feature, the trader will quickly calculate the risk levels, as well as the predicted profit in case of applying stop-losses and other levels. Calculation basis – Fibbonacci rollback levels that occurred inside the current market wave.Forex calculator helps the speculator to calculate the amount of margin charged, how much it costs one pip, spread and swap levels and some other parameters. The advantages of Forex calculators are that they eliminate the need to calculate parameters manually.Bottom is the list and description of Forex calculators, which are the most popular among traders:

  • Fibonacci calculator;
  • Trader’s calculator;
  • Profit calculator;
  • Pips price calculator.

Fibonacci Calculator

When using the Fibonacci Calculator, a trader can easily identify all major Fibonacci levels, as well as for a particular currency to find the low and high levels. In addition, the trader is given the opportunity to generate the main levels. The calculator calculates four main levels of the Fibonacci indicator: 61.8%, 50%, 38.2% and 23.8%. To do this, you just need to fill in the minimum and maximum values for the current trend in the form provided and press the start button of the calculations.Download file

Trader’s calculator

Trader’s calculator is designed to calculate the parameters of transactions, possible risks, estimate possible income. All of this can be calculated for literally any strategy.Trader’s standard calculator set:

  • Margin level calculation;
  • Pledge settlement (currency/interest)
  • Points of loss calculation;
  • Potential earnings calculation;
  • Swap calculation.

Download file

Profit calculator

This calculator helps the trader to calculate the risk and possible profit. In addition, the trader will know which target levels are better, and at the same time, the corresponding risk and profit. The calculator is based on Fibonacci rollbacks (local peak and bottom are taken into account). Can calculate this data for the most popular currency pairs.

Pip price calculator

This calculator helps to calculate the cost of one pip in the currency in which the trader has a trading account. This can be done for all popular currency pairs or for those that are very rarely used. All the data that the calculator uses to calculate are displayed in real time. It will be useful for a trader to have this calculator at hand to plan and calculate his orders.Not all of the presented calculators may be needed by a trader in his trade – some of them will seem meaningless. It all depends on which strategy the trader has chosen.Also not the last place is occupied by the trader’s knowledge. If he doesn’t know anything about the price of a pip, but is going to use the calculator to calculate it, the effect will be the opposite, instead of profit will be a loss.