In the past year, cryptocurrencies did not please investors with a strong upward movement. The market has been falling all year long. The main reasons for the negative dynamics, according to experts, were such factors as lack of regulation and weak spread of this means of payment among the population. In recent months, many well-known analysts, banks and investment funds have published their 2019 cryptocurrency forecasts. But their opinions on the development of events in this market are so different that it is very difficult to form a consensus forecast. All that remains to be done is to take into account the possible options and closely monitor the real situation in and around the cryptocurrency market. Today I’d like to offer you a brief overview of the information on this topic.

Factors that may affect the cryptocurrency market

It’s a lot. Let’s focus on the most important ones, the impact of which will certainly be seen in the market.

Bitcoin ETFs

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission received applications for such funds last year. However, they were rejected. However, lawyers familiar with the situation note that not everything is lost. The final verdict on Bitcoin ETF may be passed before 27.02.2019. The positive decision of the SEC will be a driver of significant growth in the Bitcoin market . According to forecasts, this factor can raise the rate of Bitcoin to 20 and even 50 thousand dollars.

Market regulation

Legislative acts to regulate this market are important. They can be either positive or negative. Prohibitions, taxes and penalties will put pressure on the market. The development of uniform international rules on the use of digital currencies will increase the confidence of both investors and the public in them. And this will lead to an increase in demand.

Large investments

Cryptocurrency market is highly dependent on large speculative operations. Owners of tens and hundreds of millions of dollars can have a major impact on market dynamics.

News background

This market is very sensitive to any kind of messages that concern cryptocurrencies. For a strong movement, even rumors are enough. Expert assessments, opinions and comments, information about hacker attacks and regulatory decisions can be both a growth driver and a cause of decline. What will be the cryptocurrency news in 2019, no one can predict. Shows only time.

Bitcoin rate in the current year

The 2019 forecast for cryptocurrencies actually points to the expectations of experts in the Bitcoin rate. Despite the fact that its dynamics in the past year were not impressive at all, many analysts are looking at the future of Bitcoin with quite a bit of optimism. In the first quarter it is expected to grow to 21 thousand dollars. Then there’ll be a decline to $13,000. And by the end of the year, the Bitcoin rate will have risen to $25,000. There are some very unrealistic, in my opinion, predictions. They mention levels of $50,000 and even $100,000. Pessimistic analysts predict that Bitcoin prices will fall to $1,000 and the market will recover slightly thereafter.07.01.2019