Flat on the market can be observed quite often. The price for a long period of time is located in a small range. Evaluation of such a market situation is different. Many traders fear to trade at this time. But there are those who use for earnings not only a trend, but also Flat. In order to determine its own attitude to a similar state of the market, it is necessary, to start, as best you can study it. This is especially true of beginner traders.

Main Features Flat

Any state of the market has its own characteristics. Flat is no exception. I would attribute the following criteria to the main characteristics of the Flat Market. Such a market, in its essence, passive. This means that strong price movements are impossible. It passes small distances from a maximum to a minimum and vice versa. For Flat market, complete uncertainty is characteristic. Every time the price approaches one of the boundaries, it is possible to break. But not at all the fact that it will happen. . During Flat, false trobicals often occur. The trader may seem that it is already completed. However, the further development of the market situation shows that the price after breakdown returned to the previously operating corridor.

Flat on the market: How can I earn

Classic option – trade within the range. When the price reaches the upper boundary, open the SELD order. After reaching the lower border – the BUY order. Stop Loss In this case, we place a little higher / below the boundary of the range. Profit fixed when approaching Prices for the opposite border. Profit in such trade will be small. But still a little to increase the amount of the deposit. Most traders prefer to open deals on Flat test. However, it must be confirmation for this to this. If the price has struck the boundary of the range, and then returned to it and fought off, then the probability of the completion of Flat rises. You can open a good deal on a false breakdown. Suppose the price has struck the lower border. Trouble confirmation did not follow. As a result, the price returned to the previous range. It’s time to open a purchase order. Stop loss by placing several points below the local minimum. The transaction is closed if we see that the price approached the upper boundary of the range. Trading on the Flat Market requires experience and care. I recommend using a flash to earn only after appropriate skills in the demo trade or on a small real account. Inga Fedorova 13.11.2021 Record Flat on market. How to trade it. For the first time appeared forex-for-you.ru. .