ecb board member benoit cherè gave a speechWorld problems have a negative impact on the growth of the European economy, said the representative of the European Central Bank, Benoît Cherè. According to him, the continuing uncertainty associated with geopolitical events, as well as protectionism and the negative situation in emerging markets, is reflected in the sentiment in the economy of the European region.<benoît cherè=”” also=”” said=”” that=”” the=”” european=”” central=”” bank=”” intends=”” to=”” take=”” all=”” necessary=”” measures=”” achieve=”” target=”” inflation=”” rate=”” of=”” 2=”” per=”” cent=”” in=”” near=”” future.=”” low=”” interest=”” rates=”” do=”” not=”” cause=”” a=”” drop=”” profits=”” banks,=”” benoît=”” cherè.=”” he=”” believes=”” external=”” factors=”” hinder=”” normalization=”” bank’s=”” policy.=”” slowdown=”” global=”” economic=”” growth=”” has=”” negative=”” impact=”” on=”” development=”” countries.=”” <=”” p=””> </benoît>European Central Bank is ready to promptly adjust its policy if necessary. The ECB representative assured me.