Today I want to offer you another indicator . This is a modified version of the very popular MCDI technical analysis tool. Thanks to its optimization, more accurate signals were achieved. The indicator readings are represented as a line, which is displayed in a separate window. There are no special recommendations for setting the indicator in the MT4. We do everything according to the standard instruction. After reloading the program, the DSL-MACD appears in the list of user indicators and can be installed on the chart of the traded currency pair. Now I’ll talk about the settings.

DSL-MACD parameters

If you open the corresponding tab, you can see that there are only four variables in the settings. There are two curves in the MACD indicator: fast and slow. And the first two parameters allow you to specify their periods. Это Fast-EMA-Period и Slow-EMA-period. In addition, the signal line is displayed in the indicator window. You can specify its period using the Signal-period parameter. Well, the last variable concerns the price. Prices are used to build all three lines. They can be different. The selected price type must be specified on the Price line. That’s all the settings. To begin with, I recommend that you leave them unchanged. Well, then you can try to optimize the parameters for a specific currency pair and timeframe. Perhaps this will improve trading results.

How to trade on the DSL-MACD indicator

I suggest to see what the indicator looks like on the chart:

Signal to open the trading position is the color change of the signal line. If you see that the curve changed color from black to green, then this means that you can open a buy order. If then the line was again painted black, then this can be considered as a signal to close the active order. If the line changed color from black to red, then this means that it is time to open a sell order. You can close the deal if the curve is painted black again. The indicator is simple. Nevertheless, we need to gain skills in trade with him. To do this, we use an excellent simulator, which is a demo score. In addition, I recommend choosing another indicator for trade. If both tools of technical analysis signal a favorable situation for entering the market, then the probability of a successful outcome will increase. All this work should be done on a demo account. , You can download the indicator file here: dsl_macd , Inga Fedorova ,,08.08.2021,, Recording Indicator DSL-MACD first appeared