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Custom Force indicator predicts a trend reversal

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If you know about a possible trend reversal, you can timely open a profitable trade. But the difficulty is that not every trader can track this situation. However, there is a way out. You can use one of the indicators that predict the change in the market trend. Today I would like to offer you such a market analysis tool – Custom Force indicator. Its algorithm allows us to evaluate the strength of the trend movement, as well as the dynamics of volumes. Based on the received data, the indicator generates a signal that can be used in the process of making trading decisions. It is displayed as a histogram on the chart. In addition, you can see arrows that indicate the recommended direction of order opening.

On parameters of the Custom Force indicator

The ForceValue parameter is used to specify
indicator, how many candlesticks should be used to calculate and build
histograms.BarsMemory is a parameter that defines the number of candlesticks,
used to estimate the dynamics of volumes.Also in the settings there are parameters of VolumeIndex and
SignalFrequency. These are coefficients that allow you to filter data and
to generate the most accurate signals.Well, the last parameter is DivergenceStyle. With his help.
you can set the column thickness of the histogram.What concerns the installation of the indicator in MT4, it is done according to the standard scheme. I’ve told you about it many times in my articles.

How to trade on this indicator

Trade opening rules are very simple. Pay attention to
the color of the histogram and arrows, as well as the direction of the histogram. Well, it’s, uh…
corresponds to the color.Red is available for sale, and green is available for purchase.It’s an example:Custom Force can also be used to identify divergences that are quality signals to enter the market.If we see that the price makes new highs, but at
the histogram maximums decrease, it indicates a possible turnaround
the trend. You can search for the best entry point to sell.Responsible if the price forms new lows, which
The trend reversal can also be expected, as the histogram lows fall and the histogram lows grow. It’s, uh… it’s, uh…
a good time to look for an entry point to buy.This market analysis tool may well become the basis of your trading strategy. But it must be tested in demo trading. And only after receiving the profitable statistics you can go to a real account.Custom_ForceDownloadFyodorov’s Inga04.09.2019

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