In the process of mastering the trading, a preliminary stage is required. Its duration can be different. It all depends on the effort of the trader. He needs to master a fairly large amount of information regarding trade in the forex market. In addition to the theoretical base, the trader must get skills to work with the trading terminal. It is easy to do so, since each broker offers its customers a demonstration account. Real Trade on Forex has risks associated with loss of funds. That’s why It is necessary to go to her only when I am sure that it is ready for this. However, some novice traders find it difficult to evaluate their readiness for earnings in the real market. In this article, I will tell about the criteria that can be used to solve this problem.

What questions need to answer “yes”

in order to understand that the real trade on the forex trader is already available, you must ask yourself a few simple questions. First of them: How long is I trading on the demo account? Actually it Very important criterion. In principle, it is possible to deal with the basics of trading and the possibilities of the trading platform for a month. But this period is not enough to assess the effectiveness of its trading strategy. The market is a very dynamic system. Situations can be different. And the trader should test the work of the vehicle in various market conditions. And for this it is necessary to trade at a demo account for at least six months. The following question concerns trade methods. It may sound like this: I’m sure in the selected Trade method? During the trading period on the demo account, the trader must try different trading: scalping, intrade, on day chart, with adviser, etc. He needs to make sure that the selected method fits him more than other options. Next, you need to evaluate the statistics of your trading. The answer to the question about the profitability of trading on the demo account should also be positive. If the final result is a loss, then it is too early to talk about the transition to the real trading. Finally, two more questions for which The trader must answer “yes.” We are talking about the journal of trading magazine and the availability of a trading plan. Unfortunately, some traders consider unnecessary to spend time on this work. However, in this case, the chances of success in trade are sharply falling. The trader must analyze its trading to increase its efficiency. And for this you need to log. He must also have a clear trade plan for every day and strictly fulfill him. Real Trade on Forex can be profitable from the very beginning if Good to prepare for her. Inga Fedorova 05.12.2021 Recording a prepaid readiness criteria for the first time appeared