Wishing to make a lot on the market. But in order to do it successfully, a lot of time will need. The market requires knowledge and experience from the trader. Nevertheless, beginner traders can also receive stable income if they use the corresponding trading method. It is called CopyTending . Already by the title you can guess what we are talking about. Using this method of earnings, the market newcomer copies the transactions that perform other, more experienced, traders. Similar cooperation in the field of trading Favorable to both parties. A beginner trader earns, especially without understanding the trader “science.” Well, an experienced trader receives a certain remuneration for sharing with other trading decisions.

CopyTending can be carried out in two versions: automatically and manually. To automatically copy trade transactions, you will need to use the appropriate service. Manual copying assumes that the trader opens the transactions itself. But he does it on the basis of information obtained from experienced trader. Agree, everything looks quite tempting. But in fact, the copyteding has both pros and cons.

Advantages of copying transactions

First of all, it is saving time. The trader does not need to create its own trading strategy, test it, and then periodically optimize the vehicle. There is also no need to track news that may somehow affect the market. All this will make an experienced trader for him, whose transactions will be copied.

. Copying costs are usually small. Market Newbie will pay the supplier of trading signals only a commission or a small percentage of profit.

Automatic copyageding is, in fact, the passive income that many potential investors dream of.

Disadvantages of Copying Transactions

The trader is difficult to assess the effectiveness and degree of risk of the strategy that the signal supplier uses. He will be able to “reset” the unfavorable development of the market situation, since It has a considerable shopping deposit. But whether the same is able to make the trader that enjoyed by its signals is a question.

For successful trade, it is still necessary to possess some knowledge. The fact is that to manage the risks to the trader will have to himself. In other words, it must determine the volume of each transaction, based on the size of its deposit.

The lack of manual copying is that a trader can skip multiple signals for any other reasons. As a result, the trading result will be worse What could be.

Inga Fedorova


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