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CERCOS CHAOS VS Movement Indicator

In this article, I will tell you about the market analysis instrument, which is very easy to use. At the same time, it shows quite good results. Indicator CERCOS CHAOS VS Movement can be used in trading by any currency pairs. The time period also does not matter. The indicator file needs to be placed in the Indicators trading platform directory folder. After that reboot MT4 and install the indicator on the graph of the selected currency pair. In order to achieve the best trading results, you need to optimize Indicator settings.



variables in the settings are a bit, only four. But only three parameters are important.

Period – here specify the period that will be used by the indicator to implement the necessary calculations. The value of this variable depends on the timeframe used.

Chaos-Strength is a coefficient that allows you to establish the power of chaos. It will affect the construction of the indicator lines.

Third parameter – Movement-Strength. He answers For the speed of change of indicator lines.

The fourth parameter is CHAOS-WIDTH. It is intended to set the width of the indicator lines that are displayed in a separate window.

Because even a beginner trader can cope with the Cercos Chaos VS Movement settings.

After this work is completed, you can start trading.

How to open trading orders

This will look like the indicator after it is installed on the graph of the selected currency Couples:

Signals are considered crossing lines.

The trader should be treated as follows. If we see that the line having a green color crossed the red line in the bottom upward, this is a signal to open a trading position for the purchase. If the line of the green color crosses the red line in the direction from top to bottom, then you can think about the opening of the trading transaction for sale.

The intersection of the indicator lines can be used to close the active orders. This is done when the signal appears to open the transaction in the opposite direction.

Despite the good signals coming from this indicator, I do not recommend trading only on them. To improve the efficiency of trading, it is necessary to choose an additional tool for analyzing a market situation that will perform the role of the filter. Work on setting up CERCOS CHAOS VS Movement parameters and selection of the filter should be performed on the demo account.

Download indicator file:


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