Today I will tell you about the graphic figure, which is found infrequently on the charts. But if it appears, then in the vast majority of cases the pattern will work out the signal. Pattern saucer shows a high level of efficacy. So every trader needs to know about him. This graphic figure is formed by a large number of candles. Which means it takes a long time to identify her. The pattern belongs to the category of reversal. It is a signal about the upcoming trend change: from the downward ascending and allows you to open a trade at the optimal point.

How the saucer pattern is formed

This happens in several stages. As part of the downtrend, the price decline is starting to slow down. The depreciation of the currency pair becomes smooth. The distance between local lows is reduced. There is a fleet on the market. After that, the price also slowly begins to rise and finally breaks through the level of resistance. This moment is the signal for opening a purchase warrant. If Shaping the saucer is accompanied by a corresponding change in volumes, then such a pattern can be more trusted. When the price falls, volumes should decline. And its growth should be accompanied by an increase in volumes.

Trade rules

They are even intuitive. Look at an example of this pattern:

You can open a trading position immediately after breaking the resistance level. But this option will suit traders who are not afraid and even like to take risks. For those traders who prefer cautious trade, we need to wait for a retest of the level. In other words, after breaking the level, we wait for the price to return to it and then get off the level. In this case, the probability of continuing upward motion is much higher. In my screenshot, the retest is clearly visible. In both cases, stop loss should be placed several points below the minimum price of the bottom of the saucer. However, there is another option to enter the market. Aggressive traders use it. They open a deal when the price just starts to rise, that is, at the stage of saucer formation. Of course, this will increase profits with a favorable development of the market situation. But the risks are also very high. On the uptrend of , the pattern of saucer can also appear, only it will be reversed. The procedure for trading is the same with appropriate adjustments. I recommend to start trying to find this graphic figure on the story and take a closer look at it. And then use the pattern to make a profit in real trade.     Inga Fedorova 08.11.2021 Recording Candle pattern “saucer” first appeared