Blockchain Life 2019

Blockchain Life Forum 2019, which will be held in Singapore
At the end of April, more than 5,000 participants from 70 countries will visit. Among them:
large investment funds, private investors, international executives
companies, traders, business representatives, miners and developers.

International cryptocommunity will gather in one place. В
new earning opportunities will be announced at the forum. Big ones.
Mining companies will present novelties in the field of equipment.

All forum talks are divided into 4 categories: blockchain,
cryptocurrencies, startup and mining. In each of these areas, participants
events will be able to get the most useful information.

Singapore is recognized as the world’s blockchain capital. The forum will be held at the world-famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Blockchain Organizers
Life 2019 is rated by Icotop, a listing agency on cryptobiers Listing.Help, and a leading cryptopool Jets Capital.

Speakers: CEO of Roger Ver, founder
Listing.Help Sergei Khitrov, representative of the World Blockchain Organization
Jason Khoo, co-founder of Bitcoin Gold, Martin Kuvangiyev, and many others.

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Applications, comments and speeches at the Blockchain Life 2019 Forum may have an impact on the cryptocurrency market.