For those who trade binary options, I recommend that you pay attention to the Biforexpro indicator. It is very easy to use and shows quite accurate signals. We’re working on a five-minute schedule. Expedition time is five minutes. We can say that there are no restrictions on trading instruments. But pairs with Australian and New Zealand dollars, as well as the Swiss franc are better not to be used in trade.

Installation of this indicator in MT4 is no different from installation of any other indicator or oscillator. To do this, click on the menu item MT4 “Open data directory” and find a folder called “MQL4”. And in it we open the folder “Indicators”. The copied indicator files should be inserted into it. But in order for them to appear in the list of MT4 indicators, the terminal must be restarted, or in the “Indicators” tab use the menu item “Update”.

I want to warn you that you will find files of additional analysis tools in the archive referred to at the end of the article. They are intended for filtering signals and getting the best trading results. But Biforexpro indicator does a good job on its own. Its profitability exceeds 70 percent. Do not wait for a lot of signals . They are rarely formed, but with a high probability of taking profit.

Option purchase terms

Very simple rules must be followed.

When only the green arrow appears on the chart, at the opening of the next candlestick you should buy the option CALL.

Buy the option PUT.

when the red arrow appears

See examples:

Buying a CALL option

Buying a PUT option

Tips for using the indicator:

  • options should not be bought before important news is released, they can be found in the economic news calendar;
  • strict compliance with the rules of management is required, the volume of the trade transaction should not exceed 3-5 percent of the total deposit amount;
  • this indicator can be used in martingale trading systems;
  • should be remembered that on the pairs AUDNZD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD and USDCHF the indicator generates many false signals.

With this indicator you can earn. But you should do it only after preliminary testing of its work in demo trading. Positive statistics is a prerequisite for transition to real trading.

Download Biforexpro indicator:


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