In order to make money in the Forex market you need to have knowledge and experience. However, not all traders meet these conditions. In addition, some of them, for one reason or another, can not spend enough time to analyze the market and make competent trade decisions. In these cases, autotrade in MT4 will help. Its essence is that the trader simply copies the deals made by a more experienced trader. All you have to do is sign up for his signals. This can be done through the tab in MT4, which is called “Signals”. The subscription can be paid or free of charge. It is possible only after registration at But this procedure won’t take long. And now let’s try to evaluate autotrading as a way to make money on Forex.

The main advantages of auto-trading

Signals offer traders who have extensive experience in
trading. They can use both manual strategies and robots,
whose algorithms include the trading systems developed by them.

Before subscribing, you can read
detailed information on the trading account history and statistics. It’s, uh… it’s, uh…
allows you to make the right choice and subscribe to quality signals
successful trader.

In the subscription there is no time limit. This means that it can be issued from any day and refuse to receive signals also on any day. To pay for signals, you can use one of several methods offered by It also guarantees that if the subscription is completed, the trader will receive signals. Otherwise, he’ll get his money back.

AutoTrade Properties

AutoTrade in MT4
has a number of features that you need to know about.

For one trading account only one subscription to signals is possible. This restriction was introduced in order to reduce risks in trading.

Trader with several trading accounts can execute and
a few subscriptions. At the same time on
It is enough to have only one account, which makes it easier to work with subscriptions.

Working with signals will
better quality if their provider and subscriber trade on the same server.
However, this is not a prerequisite.

For correct work of subscription it is necessary that at the moment of synchronization there were no opened deals. If it did happen, the system will offer to close the orders.

Sometimes the system can offer the subscriber
to wait for the market to become more favorable. How to react
for such an offer to be decided by the subscriber, but to categorically reject such
the possibility of not following.

Autotrade in MT4 is a useful service for earning money in the foreign exchange market with minimum time spent.

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