Today I want to offer you another technical analysis tool. It can even be seen as a ready-made strategy for earning money on the market. However, you must set the additional indicator AALINES. You will find it in the archive too, a link to which I will post at the end of this article. The switch indicator without redrawing Exodus generates quite accurate signals for opening trading positions. The secrets of his algorithm are unknown. But it’s not that important. The main thing is that the indicator offers high-quality signals. Exodus can be used to earn money on any trading tools. But it is better to select currency pairs that show high activity. For timeframes, too, there are almost no restrictions. It is not recommended to trade only for minutes.

How to set the indicator

In the parameters we will be interested in only one variable – TimeFrame. But it has a feature. Here it should be spelled out not the timeframe on which the trade is conducted, but the senior time period. For example, if you trade on the 15-minute chart, you need to indicate the timeframe H1. If the trade is conducted on a 30-minute or hour schedule, then in the settings we prescribe H4. The point is that this indicator generates signals based on market analysis at the older time period.

The conditions for opening transactions

Exodus is displayed on the graph as two lines that intersect periodically. Signal arrows of red or green appear at the intersection points depending on the direction of the signal. Indicator AALINES It is a filter of incoming signals for opening trade orders. It is a channel.


If the Blue Exodus indicator line crossed the red line in the bottom direction up and a green arrow appeared on the chart, this is a signal to open the BUY order. But this can be done under the condition that the price touched the bottom boundary of the channel and fell away from her. At the same time, the channel itself is directed up.


To open the SEL’s transaction, it is necessary to the blue Exodus line crossed the red line in the top-down direction and a red arrow appeared on the graph. Additional conditions: the price reached the upper border of the channel and he fought it off, the channel is directed down. Use channel boundaries to install stop loss. To fix profit, we also focus on the channel. Part of the transaction can be closed when the price reaches its middle lines, and the rest – when the price approaches the opposite border of the channel. And the last thing I’d like to say. You can ignore the direction of the channel, and open transactions against the trend. My screen shows that selling deals would be successful, too. But still, the risks in this case will increase. It’s up to you. Download arrow indicator without redrawing and template: Exodus Inga Fedorova 24.10.2021 Record Arrow indicator without redrawing Exodus first appeared