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April Trade Review. Profitable sales of the pound.

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April is over. And what are the results? And they’re quite positive. By May 1, my deposit had increased by $9203, which is not bad.I have a trading account with Maximarkets.

The main topic, which was the focus of attention of the markets in April, has not changed. As in March, the news reports mainly focused on possible problems in trade between the United States and China. The issue of U.S. duties on aluminum and steel also remained “hot”. It is still relevant. The U.S. Treasury Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council of China will meet in Beijing this week. They will discuss trade relations between countries. Maybe they can work something out. I’m not sure about that, though. The Russian ruble weakened last month after the inclusion of large companies in the U.S. sanctions list. The European Union still hopes that the United States will rescind its decision to introduce steel and aluminium duties. In general, the situation in the world is not stable, which, of course, is reflected in the foreign exchange market as well.

Best deals in April

They are, of course, sales on April 27th by GBPCHF and GBPJPY pairs. On this day the quarterly statistics on the dynamics of the gross domestic product of Great Britain was published. She disappointed the investors. The growth rate of the country’s economy in the first quarter of this year turned out to be worse than forecast and the previous report.

Technical analysis also pointed to a likely decline in price. The chart shows a breakthrough of the trend line, which was then confirmed. The price returned to the trend line and fought off it. The RSI indicator also indicated the weakness of the bulls. Profit from the sale of GBPCHF amounted to $6,361. The order to sell GBPJPY was closed with a profit of $6,388.

Not a bad opportunity to earn last month was the Russian ruble, and I took advantage of it.

When it comes to large losses, they were too. I have to admit that my favorite oil and tesla trade was unsuccessful last month.

But the most important thing is the final result of trading for a month, and I’m quite satisfied with it.

If you want to get more information about my trading in April, you can download the statment:ffy-04-2018Fyodorov’s Inga03.05.2018

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