Alerts in MT4. How to set up notifications.

In the MT4 trading terminal, which we all use to make money on the market, there are many useful features. However, some traders are not aware of them. This is especially important for beginners in the market. Today I want to talk about one of these features – alarts in MT4.

Strategies that traders use in their trades often require constant tracking of the market situation. This is to ensure that the moment is beneficial for entering the market. However, I think you will agree with me that it is difficult to be present in the trading terminal at all times. In addition, it can cause unnecessary psychological stress, which will negatively affect the results of trading. Alerts in MT4 will help you solve this problem. This feature allows you to configure notifications when a price reaches a certain level.

How to configure an alert in MT4

You will be configuring sound notifications for the MT4 version intended for your computer.

Of course, first you need to start the trading terminal. Next, we’ll look for the Alert tab in the menu below. Click on it, and the right mouse button causes a context menu in which we select “Create”.

Alerts in MT4. How to set up notifications.

Open a window called “Alert Editor”.

Looks like this:

Alerts in MT4. How to set up notifications.

Here you need to install all the necessary options. First of all, let this feature work. To do this, check the box that you want. Then select the type of notification. In my example, it’s sound. We specify the currency pair on which the transaction takes place. If you want the aller configuration to work only for a specified period of time, we select the date and time of the alerts. There is an option to expire for this purpose. In addition, you need to select the price type (default is the offer) and specify the price level, which is important for the trader. The last thing you can do in settings is to choose the length of the break between notifications and the number of repetitions.

Some traders prefer to use the mobile version of the trading platform for various reasons. Almost all brokers provide their clients with this opportunity. Alerts in MT4 will work in this case. Only in settings should you allow the app to send push notifications. In the commercial terminal select the “Notifications” menu item. Select “Allow push notifications” and “Notify trades.” Then we copy the “Meta’uotes ID” from the mobile application and insert it into the corresponding field.

Inga Fedorova


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