address by the british prime minister theresa may (17.01.2017)Taking a speech in London, British Prime Minister Teresa Mae stated her clear position on the issue of the country’s exit from the European Union. He said that any partial membership in the EU or association with the EU would create a situation where the country would be suspended.

The only correct decision, according to Theresa May, would be the UK’s exit from the single market and the creation of a fundamental new partnership between the independent UK and the European Union on an equal footing. It’s gonna be a free trade zone agreement. Teresa May sees her country as a global player that will develop trade relations far beyond Europe.

Thérèse May has announced that the final version of the Brexit agreement between the UK and the European Union will be submitted to the British Parliament. And only after its approval by both chambers will it take effect.

Back in 2016, she announced the approximate date of the start of the official negotiations with Brussels on the exit from the EU. This will happen no later than the end of March of this year. Negotiations are expected to last at least two years.