address by mario draghi, ecb head (27.03.2019)

Mario Draghi, Head of the European Central Bank, spoke at a conference in Frankfurt am Main. He noted that the deterioration of external demand in the Eurozone turned out to be more stable than expected by the ECB. As a result, the Central Bank may postpone the interest rate increase to a later date. Mario Draghi said that the monetary policy of the Central Bank should correspond to the situation in the eurozone economy. At the March meeting, the European Central Bank said that the risk of recession in the region remains low. The economy in the Eurozone will continue to grow, and this will increase the rate in 2020. The Vice Chairman also spoke at the conference in Frankfurt am Main
ECB Louis de Gindos. According to him, slowing down the pace
economic growth in the euro area increases the risk of financial instability
sector. Banks’ profits are shrinking. There are also growing concerns about
sovereign debt dynamics. Luis de Gindos noted that banks in the countries
The eurozone needs to address structural problems more actively. Earlier.
The European Central Bank has announced the launch of a new phase of the
to the banks of target long-term loans. The details of this program will be known to the end